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 Magic Multi-port Support Circle Clothes Hanger Clothes Drying Rack  Multifunction Plastic Clothes Hangers Home Storage Hangers
Max Hangers are as close to Magic as it comes! Save up to 8X the Space in your Closet! 
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Max Hangers were designed to be SPACE SAVERS! Our hanger organizer can hold 9 garments horizontally or vertically and keeping clothes organized and wrinkle-free,Clothes hanger organizer can save 50% of the wardrobe space,keep the clothes tidy, no wrinkles, you don't have to worry about the clothes will be damaged if you have a small closet in the apartment, dormitory or other limited space Our Benooa Magic Clothes Hanger will allowing you to easily find your own clothes without wasting time.


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Hanging Is Extendable or Not: No
PP Is Foldable or Not: No


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